Terms and conditions


1.1 The Renter receives the vehicle as described on page 1 of the contract, in perfect working condition, with its documents, tyres and accessories (helmet, key, key tags and keychain, etc) and promises to keep and drive the vehicle in compliance with the Circulation Code and in accordance with the specifications of the use of the type of vehicle. The damage caused to the rented vehicle shall be paid by the Renter. It is explicitly prohibited to the Renter to change any functional technical characteristics of the vehicle, the keys of the vehicle, the equipment, the accessories and/or spare parts of the vehicle, as well as any modifications of the exterior and/or interior appearance of the vehicle (unless express written authorization from the Company). The Company will charge for each missing corporate sticker of the scooter and/or accessories, and for each extra sticker found on the scooter / accessories.
1.2 The vehicle may only be driven by the renter himself or the person specified as an additional driver in the rental contract and/or in any appendix with the condition of the drivers being in possession of valid driving license for the country of the rental and issued from at least three years.
1.3 The Renter, subscribing the present contract, agree to know all the laws of the circulation code valid in Spain. In particular the Company allows carrying children on the back seat of the scooter providing they are at least 12 years old.
1.4 It is forbidden to drive the vehicle when physical condition is impaired by alcohol, drugs, fatigue or disease. Any damaged occurred in these conditions will be in charge of the Renter; the Company will ask for any damaged caused to its vehicles and goods.
1.5 The renter can circulate outside the city or highway with a 125cc vehicle inside the island territory, taking into account that this is the area covered by the Road Assistance and included in the price of the rental.
1.6 It is forbidden to transport the vehicle on board of any ship, train, truck or plane.
1.7 It is forbidden to leave the island territory with the rented vehicle. It is forbidden to drive the vehicle off-road, except for the road accessing “Playa del Papagayo”.
1.8 Any damages caused by the Renter due to breach, use of the vehicle in contravention of any conditions stipulated in this contract and/or due to any usage other than the usage defined in the rental contract by the Company, authorizes the Company to withdraw the vehicle from the Renter and to bill and charge him the corresponding repair costs or other costs resulting from occurred damages.
1.9 If the scooter gets lost or stolen, the Renter must present the keys of the scooter and the police theft complaint; The client assumes the whole cost of the vehicle.


2.1 The rental price corresponds to the price indicated in the rental contract and has been established according to the General Valid Tariff (with reference to services, charges and taxes) and the initial rental price agreed with the renter at the moment of signing the contract, according to the selected tariff.
2.2 The rental price includes the obligatory general liability insurance of vehicles.
2.3 The deposit meant to cover part of damages arising from this contract and will be returned to the Renter only when the Company finds that there is nothing to deduct. After correctly return of the scooter by the renter to the shop from where it was originally rented, the Company will return the deposit with the same payment method used to pick it up.
2.4 In any case the deposit paid at the beginning of the rental cannot be used for an extension of it. In the event that the client wants to extend the rental period, the client has to verify with the Company the availability of the vehicle for the extended period, signed with the Company a new contract and immediately pay the additional amount for such an extension.
2.5 The Renter shall return the vehicle at the agreed return date, time and place specified in the contract. The return of the vehicle in a different place from the initially specified or a late return, without previous agreement of the Company, implies an additional fee of 100€ (one hundred euro)on the Renter’s charge apart from the cost of the extra days.
2.6 The service is considered finished once the vehicle, accessories and the keys have been handed over to the Company, in office hours at the shop it was rented, and under the conditions stipulated in the contract.
2.7 The scooter rented can not be used for professional purposes, like food and packages delivery, races, etc.. without express authorization of the Company.


3.1 The client agrees to pay to the Company:
a) The amount resulting from the price specified in the contract, corresponding to the time period, insurance, additional equipment and complementary services (conditions as stipulated), such as the applicable charges and taxes.
b) The corresponding amount of all fines or penalties and the corresponding sanctions for any kind of infringement against the legislation which may happen to the Renter while driving the rented vehicle, as well as the charges for the delay of payment by the Company and the judicial and out of court fees which may occur to the lessee as a consequence of the above stated cases. In case of fines, the Company will charge the Renter for the administrative procedures.
c) An amount in the case that a Company employee’s presence is required at a tow pound in order to reclaim a vehicle that has been impounded. In addition the Renter shall also be responsible for payment of the fine derived from the scooter impound by local authorities.
d) The amount of any damages caused by the Renter for whatever reason deriving from the circumstance of having caused disadvantages to third parties or to the Company regardless of being insured.


4.1 The rental price includes liability insurance covering damage to third parties and passengers.
4.2 Other risks (like theft, loss, damage to the vehicle) are not included in the insurance coverage, as well as theft, loss or damage of the accessories and hired extras (key that costs 150 € (one hundredfifty euro), Top case, windproof jacket) are not covered and will be charged to the client.


5.1 Se il veicolo non può essere guidato o non parte, il Cliente deve chiamare la Società. Il numero di telefono si trova sia sul contratto, sugli adesivi e sul portachiavi.
5.2 Il servizio di assistenza stradale è compresa nel prezzo del noleggio e copre tutto il territorio dell’isola di Lanzarote. Il Cliente conviene di non abbandonare il veicolo fino all’arrivo di un dipendente della Società dell’assistenza stradale per poter trasportare il veicolo al garage convenzionato.
5.3 In caso di malfunzionamento meccanico o incendio, la Società sostituirà il veicolo con un altro (in caso di disponibilità dello stesso) oppure rimborserà al Cliente l’importo del noleggio per quel giorno e per i giorni successivi. In quest’ultimo caso la Società trasporterà il cliente in agenzia.
5.4 La Società addebiterà al Cliente l’uso improprio del servizio di assistenza stradale: (I) perdita delle chiavi o caschi, (II) mancanza di benzina o carica elettrica, (III) recupero del veicolo fuori strada, mancanza conoscenza delle funzionalità del veicolo incluso il suo abuso.


6.1 The Customer is not authorized to order the repair of the vehicle, unless authorized by the Company.
6.2 It is customer’s responsibility to stop the vehicle when a malfunction of the vehicle is detected and contact the Company.


7.1 The fuel consumed during the rental period is paid by the Renter.
7.2 Customer must refuel the vehicle with the correct type of fuel, otherwise the Customer shall be responsible for the costs incurred in the transfer and / or repair of damage produced in the vehicle by misfuelling.
7.3 The scooter has to be returned with the same fuel level as previously marked in the contract. If the scooter is not returned with the same fuel level, the Company will charge to the customer 10 € (ten euro) for the service and fuel.


8.1 In case of an accident with the rented vehicle, the Renter shall as soon as possible call the Company and take the vehicle to the shop where it was rented togheter with the “Declaracion amistosa de accidente” duly completed by the two parties involved, except in cases of force majeure justified. Even in case when the renter has an incident with reason, incomplete or illegible “Declaracion amistosa de accidente” will not be accepted, and will become the Renters's responsibility to pay damages of the vehicle.
8.2 If in case of an accident, the vehicle is not suitable for driving, the Company it


9.1 The General Conditions and annexes may only be modified by written agreement signed by both Parties.


10.1 The present contract will be valid and interpreted according to the Spanish laws.
10.2 Issues concerning this contract between the Company and the Renter will fall within the competence/jurisdiction of the Spanish courts of Arrecife, to which both parties submit.


11.1 If the cancellation is made with a notice of more than 24 hours before pickup time, 100% of the paid amount is refunded. We do not accept and refund cancellations with a notice of less than 24 hours before pickup time. If the cancellation of the booking is made without notice, the Company will not proceed to any refund.
The Company is not responsible for the weather conditions.